Rogue Trainers
Rogue Trainers

Are you proud to promote the industry-recognised training routes? Can you help us inform the general public on how to find a reputable training provider and avoid the pit-falls that others have experienced?

TESP has launched a campaign supporters guide for those who would like to join our efforts. If you sign up via the form below you’ll receive the supporters guide, campaign materials and our ‘Don’t get taken for a ride’ ticket that you can display on your communications.

You’ll also join our list of supporters on the Rogue Trainers website, so others can see your pledge to educate learners and help them make an informed decision about their training.

Sign up to support the Rogue Trainers campaign and receive our ‘Don’t get taken for a ride’ campaign badge and supporters’ guide:

    TESP will conduct any necessary checks into training providers before adding to the supporter list. TESP’s decision on whether to include a name on the supporter list is final. TESP reserves all rights at all times

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    Rogue Trainers

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    Take a look at these videos where people tell their story of being unhappy with their training experience.

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    Have you been led down the wrong path? Tell us your story! to help us in the campaign against Rogue Trainers.