Rogue Trainers
Rogue Trainers

If you want to become a qualified electrician, an apprenticeship is the training route preferred by the industry. If your aim is to join a Competent Persons Scheme and work in the domestic sector, you’ll still need the right qualifications.

“Do your research!”

Work-based training is essential

The classroom-based qualifications you’ll gain at a college or other training provider are a good foundation, but on their own, they do not mean you are a qualified electrician. This comes with time and experience on the job, supporting work-based training, and the informed judgements you’ll become able to make as a result of this real-life experience.

In fact, if you read the small print, many of the packages offered by commercial training providers acknowledge that you need to be working in the industry to complete the full qualification.

Which qualifications do I need?

To join a Competent Persons Scheme, the qualifications you’ll need are listed in the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification and more information is available on the website.

The Electrical Careers website gives clear advice on the approved training routes that meet the criteria for ECS gold card applications, plus ECS Check and the Sparksafe Licence to Practise scheme under CPD NI PGN 01/16. The routes vary from country to country so you can select where you are based and read all recognised training routes and qualifications

View the approved routes on the Electrical Careers website.

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