Campaign Supporters
Campaign Supporters

The organisations listed below are supporting our campaign against Rogue Trainers. They have pledged to promote the industry approved training routes and help learners make an informed decision about their training: If you would like to join this page please complete our Supporters form

  • The Focus Training Group
  • Apprentice 121
  • SparkyNinja Ltd
  • Pure Electric
  • The Guilds
  • West & West Ltd
  • e5
  • Orange Fox Electrical
  • JTL
  • Power Sonic Ltd
  • Arena Training Centre
  • The Electrical Academy
  • Birmingham Electrical Training
  • CertOn
  • RT Industria Ltd
  • Raven Delta Group
  • CTD Quickstep
  • Trades Course Complaints
  • Electrical Courses Ltd
  • South Gloucestershire & Stroud College
  • Beau Associates
  • Just Electrical Training
  • Erudite Training Ltd

Our Supporters

These organisations and training providers have committed to promoting the industry-approved training routes and helping people to avoid rogue trainers.

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